Episode 1

Gheorghe Hrisicos

The owner of the building,

Gheorghe Hrisicos

The owner of the building himself, Gheorghe Hrisicos, assured it a well known name which not any other building in the city has due to a scandal he was involved in.

Gheorghe Hrisicos, despite the fact that he started as a shop boy, became in short time a well known wine merchant, building up an impressive fortune based on different illegal financial combinations. For building up the hotel here, Hrisicos made a loan from Banca de Scont and other banks in Bucharest.

But the amount loaned was used in usury and different financial speculations. Therefore, despite the fact that in 1903 Hrisicos succedded in flamboyantly initiating the hotel,the defrauded banks and the cheated people filed complains to the authorities agains him. Being under surveillance, the well known merchant found refuge in Rusia from where he was extradited after a while and sent to prison for fraud.

The Historical Episodes of

Casa Hrisicos

Being a central restaurant in Constanța, Casa Hrisicos enjoys a long and controversial history.

Episode 2

Casa Hrisicos, a top destination

The building served as an elegant hotel and restaurant with fish and international kitchen. Casa Hrisicos, grandiose…

Episode 3

Caragiale and the carriage drivers at Casa Hrisicos

There are many stories that took place at Casa Hrisicos and have become a legend…

Episode 4

Casa Hrisicos, Bank Headquarter

In the interwar period of time Casa Hrisicos went out of the hospitality domain, becoming the headquarter of the local bank, Banca Populara Steagul Dobrogei…

Episode 5

The Second World War

Casa Hrisicos building was part of crucial moments in Romania’s history, including the World War II and the Soviet occupation. The balcony of the house was used by Barbu Stefanescu…

Episode 6

Casa Hrisicos, again a bank headquarter

After the Revolution, Casa Hrisicos hosted the headquarter of Romanian Exterior Commerce Bank and then Romanian Commercial Bank…

Episode 7

Casa Hrisicos re-enters the circuit of historical restaurants

From now on, we will be carrying the story further refurbishing this value…


Operative Steakhouse

Casa Hrisicos Restaurant is part of Operative Steakhouse Group which has in its portfolio other 2 restaurants in Bucharest, The Beef Club and Red Angus Steakhouse. Our mission is to use our prelonged experience in the hospitality domain to restoring Casa Hrisicos restaurant the symbol status and a gastronomic reference of the city. We would like that the Constanța based people would join together here and the tourists to consider it an important touristic objective on their “must see” list.

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