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About Casa Hrisicos

Combining the ``old decor`` with modern elements, the hotel is highly technologized, able to satisfy any requests and expectations of our customers.

Casa Hrisicos Hotel

Casa Hrisicos is considered to be one of the most famous cases of historic building transformation into modern accommodation.

The building is instantly recognized for its eclectic style, dominant neoclassical elements, but also deep suggestions of Art Nouveau style. The current 4-star hotel in Ovidiu Square is in a harmonious relationship with the future buildings of Viennese origin and influence.

However, we have faced a balancing issue. Not only did we have to ensure that their design complied with the latest building regulations, but we also had to meet the requirements of heritage organizations in order to preserve certain historical features.

The designers thus proposed the endowment of the two main entrances, to the restaurant and to the reception and hotel, with awnings and doors made of iron and safety glass, in Art Nouveau style, and in accordance with the stylistic elements of the initial construction.

The idea of Casa Hrisicos Hotel was designed to create a perfect combination of modern and historical architecture.

The historical building

Casa Hrisicos

The building a a concept was developed by the French Architect, Louis Givert, in an eclectic style which combines Neo Clacisim with Art Nouveau trends. First writings about this building dates more than a century ago, its story being described by Dr. Doina Pauleanu in „Constanţa 1878 – 1928″ (editura Arcade, 2006):

“Elaborating the plan of Casa Hrisicos as a connection element of a nodal area, Givért offers, unintentionally and without anticipating it, a counterweight of the future buildings of Viennese influence.”

With the exception of few rehabilitation works, the architecture and almost all details are being kept the same today, despite the fact that the building has gone through the successive history of the town having more destinations throughout time, both as restaurant and bank headquarters.

The Historical Episodes of

Casa Hrisicos

Being a central restaurant in Constanța, Casa Hrisicos enjoys a long and controversial history.

Episode 1

Gheorghe Hrisicos

The owner of the building himself, Gheorghe Hrisicos, assured it a well known name which not any other building in the city has due to a scandal he was involved in…

Episode 2

Casa Hrisicos, a top destination

The building served as an elegant hotel and restaurant with fish and international kitchen. Casa Hrisicos, grandiose…

Episode 3

Caragiale and the carriage drivers at Casa Hrisicos

There are many stories that took place at Casa Hrisicos and have become a legend…

Episode 4

Casa Hrisicos, Bank Headquarter

In the interwar period of time Casa Hrisicos went out of the hospitality domain, becoming the headquarter of the local bank, Banca Populara Steagul Dobrogei…

Episode 5

The Second World War

Casa Hrisicos building was part of crucial moments in Romania’s history, including the World War II and the Soviet occupation. The balcony of the house was used by Barbu Stefanescu…

Episode 6

Casa Hrisicos, again a bank headquarter

After the Revolution, Casa Hrisicos hosted the headquarter of Romanian Exterior Commerce Bank and then Romanian Commercial Bank…

Episode 7

Casa Hrisicos re-enters the circuit of historical restaurants

From now on, we will be carrying the story further refurbishing this value…

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