The story of the place


Casa Hrisicos Restaurant carries forward the story of the place and returns into the network of historically recognised restaurants, bringing back a small part of the 1900s history for Constanta population and its tourists.

After decades when the emblematic building in the center of Constanta has experienced different destinations, Casa Hrisicos becomes again a gastronomic point of reference in Piața Ovidiu, as well as a tourist attraction.

Being the most solid building in Piața Ovidiu, it goes back in history maintaining the inestimable position of the strong walls which keeps even now the secrets and the political decisions of the old times.

Enjoy our

Premier menus

As during the 1920s the restaurant was recognised for the comfort it used to offer to its noble clientele from Bucharest, like I. L. Caragiale, Barbu Ștefănescu Delavrancea, Al. Vlahuță and Take Ionescu, we are planning to carry forward this symbol of Old Constanța through a comfortable atmosphere, full of elderly stories, in which clients are the guests of our house.

As great celebrities of the interbelic times enjoyed a top quality menu here, our current guests will have the chance to savor contemporary dishes within a Bistro.

The products used in Casa Hrisicos restaurant are being brought into our kitchen from small areas of Europe which will thrill your taste buds with their authentic flavors and exquisite combinations.

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Casa Hrisicos propune astfel un meniu

high end bistro

Casa Hrisicos keeps alive the memory of famous stories and therefore suggests a high end bistro menu.

As the celebrities of the times used to come here for the finest and spectacular dishes of Constanța, we have created a culinary concept which is based on fresh local ingredients and carefully chosen products from small producers in Europe.

The menu in Casa Hrisicos offers particular flavours by designated a personality for every single dish.

The Casa Hrisicos restaurant welcomes its guests with a unique menu, international and contemporary, in a relaxing atmosphere, with an old story air to it.

Looking forward to host you!

A menu based on

Fresh ingredients

Casa Hrisicos recommends a menu based on fresh ingredients from Romania and local products from different regions in Europe, with a minimum level of processing by different traditional families in picturesque parts of the continent.

The ambience of Casa Hrisicos is made complete by live music, restoring the atmosphere of old stories for our guests.